One Room Challenge: Study to Nursery (Week Six)

We're almost done with the nursery! I'm so proud of how we've transformed this room in just a few short months. Honestly, the most challenging (and most expensive) part of it all was de-studyifying the study; specifically, sorting through everything in the 5x5 Expedit that served as the primary storage unit in our apartment, researching sideboard-style options that would work as a replacement outside of the kitchen, and then finding new homes that made sense for all the items that needed them. The fun part, of course, has been nursifying the nursery: sourcing furniture, putting up decor, and imagining the time we'll spend with our baby in the space.

Since last week's post, we have:
- found and purchased the perfect wicker hamper from Craigslist (why are these things so stupidly expensive when bought new?)
- bought and assembled this five-shelf ladder-style bookcase from Target (after receiving an email notifying us of a one-time 15% discount on a single item from our registry, I added this piece and then immediately bought it myself)
- agreed to keep the toy chest at the end of the crib (despite my original misgivings, it does it fit perfectly there and will be really useful)
- ordered super cute curtains from The Land of Nod (the style's being discontinued and we must have gotten the last in stock as I can't find them online anymore!)

So what's left, you ask?
- hang the curtains
- finish the mobile I started making a while ago but have ignored for the past week and a half
- organize the dresser drawers
- secure all furniture to the walls

That's it! That's all we have to do, and hopefully both the curtains and the mobile will be in place for the final One Room Challenge reveal post next week. My baby shower is Thanksgiving weekend so, because my friends and family are so unbelievably generous, I'm sure I'll have another update to share after that. But otherwise... we're ready for you, baby!

Just kidding. We're not ready. We haven't bought a carseat or taken the childrearing/breastfeeding classes or packed our hospital bag or... So stay put, baby, and keep cooking for at least another six weeks, please!

Direct costs:
- curtains: $100
- hamper: $25
- ladder bookcase: $60
- dresser: $175
- changer: $40
- white wicker baskets: $40
- lamp: already owned
- crib: gift
- rocking chair: hand-me-down
- bookcases: already owned; doors and extensions $320
- gold star decals: $16
- celestial prints: $16
- plexiglass for frames: $16
- gold frames: already owned
- wall/door installation: $700

Other budgetary items:
- sold the 5x5 Expedit that had been in the study for $80
- bought two Ikea Besta storage units for about $300 to serve as a sideboard to house most of the kitchen/dining items from the Expedit
- sold the console table that had lived in the hallway outside the kitchen on Craigslist for $40
- bought a wine rack from Target for $70 to hold the wine that had lived in the Expedit but doesn't fit in the sideboard
- sold the desk that had been in the study for $40

Total net cost so far: $1,718

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  1. I just read through the last few posts. I'm so impressed by everything you've done! The nursery looks great!


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