One Room Challenge: Study to Nursery (Week Seven)

Finally - and to Jon's great relief - the transformation of this room from studio to nursery is finished! I feel like we kept everything pretty simple with the classic white furniture, but my heart skips a beat at the long gray wall (which is painted with Behr's Dark Ash) and gold star decals behind the crib every time I open the door and peer in . I'm also super proud of my DIY mobile, which looks slightly less arts-and-crafts-y now that it's hung properly, and I'm so happy we were able to find celestial curtains on Land of Nod that compliment the accent wall and framed art opposite as well. (The curtains are no longer available in the 63" and 84" inch lengths but are on sale at 96". The salesman I chatted to said that the Deep Space line is being discontinued, so get them now if you want them!) While there are still a few items on our registry that we do need - like bedding for the crib - and we're looking forward to filling the shelves and the chest with books and toys and stuffed animals, this space is done!

Well, actually, there are two major things that will need to be completed in the next few months to ensure the nursery is safe for the baby. First, we'll need to shorten the curtains; at the moment, because they reach the floor and are hung from a tension rod, they're very likely to get pulled down by a curious tactile mobile infant. And second, we need to secure all of the furniture to the walls, both in the nursery and through the rest of the apartment; because many of our walls are concrete, we're probably going to hire someone to do this for us throughout our whole home just to be extra careful.

As I think I've mentioned before, though, the baby will be sleeping in our room in a Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages until he transitions to his real crib, so we do have a little time to check those tasks off the list. Also, my shower isn't until next weekend, so I think I'll have some fun items to add to the room thanks to our lovely friends and family after that! This is the official reveal post for the One Room Challenge link-up, but I have a sneaking suspicion that another nursery post or two might end up on the blog before the baby arrives at the end of December...

Direct costs:
- crafts for mobile: $2 plus items already owned
- curtains: $100
- tension rod: already owned
- hamper: $25
- ladder bookcase: $60
- dresser: $175
- changer: $40
- white wicker baskets: $40
- lamp: already owned
- crib: gift
- rocking chair: hand-me-down
- toy chest: hand-me-down
- bookcases: already owned; doors and extensions $320
- gold star decals: $16
- celestial prints: $16
- plexiglass for frames: $16
- gold frames: already owned
- wall/door installation: $700

Other budgetary items:
- sold the 5x5 Expedit that had been in the study for $80
- bought two Ikea Besta storage units for about $300 to serve as a sideboard to house most of the kitchen/dining items from the Expedit
- sold the console table that had lived in the hallway outside the kitchen on Craigslist for $40
- bought a wine rack from Target for $70 to hold the wine that had lived in the Expedit but doesn't fit in the sideboard
- sold the desk that had been in the study for $40

Total net cost: $1,720

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  1. Oh, baby! I can't get enough of those shimmery gold stars and the dark grey wall. Great use of a small space. Congrats on the ORC, and the baby!

    1. thank you! wonderful foresight of Jon to pick that dark grey for his study a few years ago ;)

  2. What a beautiful nursery! You did an amazing job. The mobile is so pretty.

    1. thank you! Robbie's now noticing it when he's changed which makes me happy :)

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