Oct 4, 2017

One Room Challenge: Study to Nursery (Week One)

After years of following the One Room Challenge, a six-week design/decor transformation project biannually undertaken by hundreds of bloggers, I'm excited to have a good excuse to participate myself! Progress on the nursery has been more abstract than actual for the first six months of my pregnancy, but with a ten-day trip to England coming up later in October and then family arriving for a nearly a week of Thanksgiving festivities in November, I think we need to get moving. I keep reminding myself that the baby could arrive any time starting in mid-December, so I've set that as our deadline for nursery completion.

The room that's becoming the nursery is currently - or was, anyway, before we started dismantling it - the study. When we moved into this apartment three years ago, it was Jon's man cave; it became my office when I started working from home in June due to renovations at my real office. Since we got back from #transatlanticgoeswest, we've been diligently sorting through all the shelves and cubbies and drawers in the room to figure out what can be trashed, what needs to be kept, and what should be reorganized where. At the moment, the study only holds my desk, which will be the last piece taken out, and the pair of Ikea Billy bookcases, which are staying put. Here's what we've done so far:

- bought and installed extension units and doors for the Billy bookcases for $320
- cleaned out and found new homes for (almost) everything in our Ikea 5x5 Expedit
- sold the Expedit on Craigslist for $80
- bought two Ikea Besta storage units for about $300 to serve as a sideboard to house most of the kitchen/dining items from the Expedit; this now lives in the hallway outside the kitchen
- sold the console table that had lived in the hallway outside the kitchen on Craigslist for $40
- ordered a wine rack from Target for $70 to hold the wine that had lived in the Expedit but doesn't fit in the sideboard
- cleaned out and threw out the decades-old Ikea drawer unit that we inherited from my parents
- touched up the paint on the dark accent wall in the nursery

The biggest project in turning the study into a nursery will be having a temporary wall/door installed to close the room off from the rest of the apartment. (We're in a rental, but management gave us permission to have this work done and recommended a contractor that they use, so we know it'll be kosher.) We got a quote from the guys over the summer, have been saving up since then, and are hoping to schedule it to be done in early November.

We're trying to buy as much as possible for the nursery off Craigslist which means the timeline for furnishing it isn't entirely in our control, though it would be nice for the bigger pieces to be in before the entrance to the room is narrowed! Here's what's on our to-do list:

- crib (to buy second-hand)
- dresser (to buy second-hand)
- rocking chair (belonged to my late grandmother; currently at my parents' house)
- chest, if there's space (lived in my childhood bedroom; currently at my parents' house)
- some sort of taller storage tower, if there's space (to buy second-hand)

- Keekaroo peanut changer (purchased off Craigslist for $40)
- 4moms bounceRoo (found at a yard sale for $15)
- diaper pail
- clothes hamper
Graco Travel Lite® Crib With Stages* (bought from the Graco website for $83 with a coupon)

- curtains (being made by my mother as I type!)
- mobile (to be made by me)
- gold star decals for the dark accent wall (ordered from Etsy for $16)
- Death Star rug (bought by Jon a few years ago from ThinkGeek)
- space-themed art in gold frames (we have the frames and are picking out the art!)
- fabric or removable wallpaper or similar to cover the glass in the bookcase doors (being researched)

*This will live in our bedroom as it's where the baby will sleep until he's six months old as per AAP recommendations, but I'm including it in this round-up anyway.

Fingers crossed that when you check back next week for my second ORC update, we'll have the curtains hung, the star decals up on the wall, and a better idea of how we want to cover the glass in the bookcases to make them more baby-friendly. I'd love for a piece or two of furniture to be in as well, though that might be too much to hope for!

Is there anything else we need - yes, I know "need" is subjective - for the nursery, dear readers? Please tell us if you have any recommendations! We don't have tons of space or extra cash, but I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Total net cost so far: $725


  1. yah! i can't wait to follow along! and that keekaroo peanut changer is my FAVORITE baby item ever! ...we still use it for Vi :) xoox

    1. That's what I hear! It's not the prettiest, but I'll take function over form for something like this :)

  2. I've never heard of that peanut changer before. It looks so neat! And how awesome you found it for so cheap on CL.

    1. Anything that cuts down on how much laundry we'll have to do...!

  3. I love that you're including space decor. Our guest room used to be a space-themed room. Now that we have an extra bedroom, Dan's office/2nd guest bedroom will eventually have all the space decor.