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How We Prepared Our Dog For The Baby

I rescued Charlie in July 2012, when he was was about 16 months old. Over the years, he has lost some of his puppy energy but he has also become less inclined to befriend strangers or play with other dogs. Even though he's still friendly to new people and was always super gentle with little kids, Jon and I knew we had to be really proactive in preparing Charlie for the addition to our family. After all, a baby is a big change even when you understand what's happening!

The first pregnancy book I bought was Good Dog, Happy Baby, and I absolutely recommend both it and the associated website. Given how we already interacted with Charlie, Mike Wombacher's approach made a lot of sense to us and helped us not feel overwhelmed by the idea of having both a dog and a baby in the house. Just so you know, Charlie never went through rigorous obedience work. We took an introductory course right after he was adopted (and he'd had some basic training prior to that, though we don'…

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