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Bedtime Songs for Robbie

Well, this is supposed to be the big reveal of Robbie's nursery and playroom... but it's not finished and there isn't much more to show than what you saw last week. I did hang the mobile I'd made over the crib, we realized we can put the baby monitor on the dresser (instead of trying to mount it to the wall), and I framed the 2017 National Book Festival poster and put it up in the playroom. The biggest thing I wanted to do, though, was hang the curtain higher on the window and install the curtain over the door, but I was working with hardware that the previous owner had left behind and they were so bent out of shape from decades of use that they once I'd taken them down I realized there was no way they'd securely stay up again. So I've ordered a new set of curtain rods from World Market and I'll give it another go after they've arrived.

I think I'll eventually pair the reveal photos with a post about our approach to Robbie's sleep, but for …

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