One Room Challenge: Study to Nursery (Week Five)

Two more weeks to go before the One Room Challenge ends! (No, you're not crazy - the project usually only lasts six weeks. It's been extended for a seventh this time to accommodate everyone affected by the natural disasters endured across the States over the last couple of months.) You'll remember from my first entry that my personal deadline to finish the nursery was mid-December in case the baby decides to make his appearance before his due date, but I do want to be able to show off the room to our family at Thanksgiving and so I'm definitely motivated by the link-up's reveal date of November 16.

It might not look like there's been a lot of progress since last week, but that's not the case! The biggest addition to the room is the dresser, as you can see below. I'd given up on finding one second-hand because nothing met our main criteria: it had to be at least 36" tall so we could use the top as a changing table and it had to be white without too many cosmetic issues. (A lot of people doing the ORC are putting in serious DIY work; realistically, I knew I couldn't commit to that.) Also, to make it worth buying used, it had to fit in our car, not be too far away, and cost less than the 8-drawer Hemnes that everyone else has. I'd reconciled myself to the Ikea piece in week two but, lo and behold, I found a second-hand dresser while browsing Craigslist a few days ago that ticked all the boxes!

The dresser is real wood - it's so heavy that it took three of us to get it in and out of our car - and in pretty good shape. It has some dings and scratches from a decade of use by a child, but nothing we can't sand and paint over if we care to make the effort (which, honestly, I don't right now). It's the perfect height and width, with tons of room in the drawers to store bedding and blankets and cloths and other non-clothing items.

I also picked up four white wicker Sabrina baskets from Pottery Barn, two square and two rectangular with handles, that a neighbor was selling for cheap, and put out the Keekaroo changer that I got off Craigslist the other week. (Black wouldn't have been my first choice, but I'll take what I can get at $40 down from the retail price of $130!) I pulled out a little blue lamp that's been hiding in a corner of our linen closet, too, and it looks super cute on the dresser.

Here's what else is in the works:
- gold frames have been re-hung on stronger hooks; glass has been replaced with polystyrene
- mobile crafting is in progress
- curtains should be finished and in place by next week's post
- desk will be picked up by a buyer this weekend
- decision made not to cover the glass in the bookcases
- diaper pail has been generously purchased from our registry; on the hunt for an unobtrusive hamper

In earlier posts, I mentioned a white wooden toy chest currently living at my parents' house that I hoped we might be able to use in the nursery. I brought it to our apartment earlier today and tried it out in three different places - and I don't think any of them work, unfortunately, so it's going to go back to the 'burbs. (I made a fancy gif of the attempts so you can see for yourself.) However, I do think we're going to get some kind of storage piece to go behind the door. The two corner walls there are 21"x26", so there's plenty of room for an option like these leaning shelves from Target  or this tower from The Container Store. Of course, I'd like to buy this second-hand if I can.

I think that's it for now. See you next week, dear readers - and, in the meantime, check out the other ORC participants!

Direct costs:
- dresser: $175
- changer: $40
- white wicker baskets: $40
- lamp: already owned
- crib: gift
- rocking chair: hand-me-down
- bookcases: already owned; doors and extensions $320
- gold star decals: $16
- celestial prints: $16
- plexiglass for frames: $16
- gold frames: already owned
- wall/door installation: $700

Other budgetary items: 
- sold the 5x5 Expedit that had been in the study for $80 
- bought two Ikea Besta storage units for about $300 to serve as a sideboard to house most of the kitchen/dining items from the Expedit
- sold the console table that had lived in the hallway outside the kitchen on Craigslist for $40
- bought a wine rack from Target for $70 to hold the wine that had lived in the Expedit but doesn't fit in the sideboard

Total net cost so far: $1,573


  1. It's coming together really nicely. Please secure the dresser to the wall. Once your son starts exploring, he'll open the drawers and use them to climb.

    1. Yes! That definitely has to go on to the-do list. Thank you!


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