One Room Challenge: Study to Nursery (Week Four)

Well, I skipped last week's One Room Challenge post - because Jon and I were in England for eight days seeing family and friends! (Sorry for the overgramming during our trip, dear readers.) The biggest update I have for you since Week Two is that the contractors closed off the nursery by installing a temporary wall and door while we were out of town. They did an incredible job! They hung the door off-center, as I requested, to accommodate our sideboard and the whole thing looks so seamless that it took my mom, who's been to our apartment a million times, a little while to understand what I was showing her when we FaceTimed the other day.

We also came home to our mini crib, which was a gift from a generous family friend, and jet lag is to thank for the gold frames being hung the morning after we returned from vacation. I do need to re-hang them using better hooks, but at least now I've done the measuring and everything! However, my pregnancy insomnia gets the blame for the two hours early yesterday morning that I spent putting up all those gold vinyl stars on the dark accent wall. (It's Behr's Dark Ash, by the way, and I love that the color changes depending on the light.)

I'm really happy with how all the art in the room looks together. The most special piece, hung on a hook that I must have hammered in years ago but never used, is a mixed-media collage that my great-aunt Louise made for us back in the spring after we announced the pregnancy; we have a similar work that she made as a wedding gift for us in our bedroom. The celestial prints are from this Etsy store and I got the decals, which were really easy to adhere to the wall, from Etsy too.

Here's what we have left to do over the next few weeks to complete the room's transition from study to nursery:

- sell desk on Craigslist; move work materials elsewhere
- buy dresser
- buy diaper pail and hamper
- buy and install ledges for books
- hang curtains (being made by Mom)
- re-hang gold frames with stronger hooks and replace the glass with plexiglass
- craft mobile
- make a decision about whether or not to cover the glass in the bookcase doors
- figure out if there's space in the room for the toy chest (and if we even need it, given all the storage we'll have in the dresser)

I think that's it! Unless there's anything I'm forgetting? I'm so happy with how the nursery is turning out - I know it won't get much use for the baby's first few months, but it still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to imagine us in there.

Make sure to check out the other guest entries for this week's One Room Challenge! I've put our budget below the photos, if you want to see how much this is all costing.

Direct costs:
- crib: gift
- rocking chair: hand-me-down
- bookcases: already owned; doors and extensions $320
- gold star decals: $16
- celestial prints: $16
- plexiglass for frames: $16
- wall/door installation: $700

Other budgetary items:
- sold the 5x5 Expedit that had been in the study for $80
- bought two Ikea Besta storage units for about $300 to serve as a sideboard to house most of the kitchen/dining items from the Expedit
- sold the console table that had lived in the hallway outside the kitchen on Craigslist for $40
- bought a wine rack from Target for $70 to hold the wine that had lived in the Expedit but doesn't fit in the sideboard

Total net cost so far: $1,318


  1. This looks great!! I love the accent wall and stars. I'm trying to picture what it looked like before. Do you have any pictures before the temporary wall and door frame went in? I went back and read the previous one rooms, but I still couldn't quite get it! Good luck with finishing everything! So exciting!

    1. I went back nearly a year in my IG feed and found one that kind of shows what it looked like before!

  2. Replies
    1. Jon chose it when this was his study - he gets all the credit!


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