One Room Challenge: Study to Nursery (Week Two)

Well, I said in last week's entry for the One Room Challenge that I hoped to have some of the decor up for our nursery in time for this post, but that didn't happen! The gold star decals for the dark gray accent wall have arrived and we've ordered some art from Etsy to go in the four 8x10 gold frames we already own, but none of that is on the walls yet - I realized I was jumping the gun by trying to decorate around furniture that isn't yet in place.

I'd wanted to buy as much second-hand as possible, but I finally reconciled myself to the fact that time's getting short and my Craigslist luck might have run out. So, instead, I spent the last week figuring out exactly what furniture we should purchase new and scheduling the contractors to come this weekend to install the temporary wall/door to close off the room so it's a bit more contained.

We're super lucky, especially somewhere like DC, to have a separate room to use as a nursery - I know so many people in this and other cities who share their bedrooms with their babies out of necessity or who move out to the 'burbs for more space when they want to start a family. That being said, the room we're converting from the study into the nursery is only 82ft sq and quite narrow, so we need to choose items that either have a small footprint or are multi-purpose!

We're off on Friday evening to spend eight days in England for a wedding and to see Jon's mum, which means October will almost be over by the time we get back and are able to actually buy and assemble the furniture. Hopefully all the research I've done will help the next phase of this project go more quickly!

Delta Children Mini Crib Classic
Because the nursery isn't very wide, measuring only 82" from the door (which will swing open inwards) to the far wall, we can't really put two pieces of furniture opposite each other. There just wouldn't be room to walk between them! This mini crib saves us just a few inches of depth - 26" as opposed to an Ikea crib's 30" or a Pottery Barn crib's 32" - but its length of 41.25" compared to the 54"-58" of a full-sized crib will be super helpful as we navigate the space. We don't have to buy a separate mattress, which will help us stick to our budget, and it should last until the baby is 18-24 months old, at which point we hope to be out of this apartment into a house of our own with more space anyway.

Hemnes 8-drawer chest from Ikea
I've come to understand that so many parents have this in their nurseries for a very good reason: it's unbelievably hard to find a dresser that's at a good height to also be used as a changing table! We do have a 3-drawer Hemnes in the (now-discontinued) gray/brown stain, which is being used as Jon's dresser; my original brilliant idea was to try to find the taller 6-drawer Hemnes dresser for sale secondhand in either the same gray/brown or the (also now-discontinued) pine, which is the color of my 8-drawer Hemnes dresser, and Jon would upgrade to the 6-drawer while we moved the 3-drawer into the nursery. Unfortunately, though, I've been looking for the 6-drawer dresser in those two stains online for five months, and... nothing. If we had been able to put the 3-drawer dresser in the nursery, we would have had to buy some sort of additional storage unit for the room, too, but it's more cost-effective to just buy the 8-drawer dresser and use it for both clothes and diaper/bedding/etc storage than to buy two new pieces.

We've moved my late grandmother's antique rocking chair (similar here and here on Chairish) into the nursery and it looks great! The seat is a little lower than my 5'11" frame would like, but it's surprisingly comfortable. (We have an upholstered armchair in the living room that I imagine will see a lot of sleeping, cuddling, and nursing action, too.)

I'm not sure this will fit, but I'm hoping to move the toy chest (similar here from Land of Nod) that was in my childhood bedroom into the nursery if there's room. I'd also like to get a few picture ledges, like these from Ikea, up on the wall to hold the baby's books.

This doesn't count as furniture but I'm including it here anyway: I did a lot of research on diaper pails... because of our dog. I know some recommend just using your normal trash can for diapers and emptying it daily, but we have to keep our trash can behind a closed door in the pantry so Charlie can't get into it and I'm not crazy about the idea of dirty diapers sitting near food even just for a few hours. I'm not really worried that he's going to try to get into a diaper pail - for a dog, he's surprisingly uninterested in poop and never investigates our toilet - but I still wanted one that closes securely and controls odor as much as possible. As a bonus, the Ubbi has a pretty small footprint and doesn't require special bags.

With the long dark accent wall and gold accents - star decals, picture frames, and patterned curtains - all over the room, I think keeping most of the furniture white and simple is the way to go. I'm excited to see it all come together!

And if you want to see what the other ORC participants are up go, check out this week's link-up here.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the room come together!

  2. I love the Hemnes line! We used Hemnes bookshelves and the Hemnes sideboard to fit out our weird extra landing space into a library. If/when we get around to needing a changing table, it's great to know we can go back to IKEA for another fun piece! Can't wait to see how your room turns out!

    1. oh I love the Hemnes sideboard! I was really hoping it would be the right size for our space when we were looking for a storage piece to hold everything being displaced with the Expedit's removal, but alas it was too tall.


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