Exploring Cambridge: Day One

The reason behind our quick trip to England the other week was a joyous occasion: the wedding of our friends Sam and Georgina! Sam went to Cambridge for university, so their wedding was at Trinity Hall, his old college. As Jon was one of the ushers, we took the train from train from Suffolk east to the shire on Friday in time for the boys to all have a late lads' lunch together. (They went for sushi and the lads included a toddler. I like this phase of our lives.) After dropping Jon off at the restaurant, I made my way to our lovely airBnB to get settled.

I had time to kill before the wedding rehearsal that evening, so I volunteered to walk into town to pick up Jon's morning suit - really, I just wanted an excuse to explore! I'd been to Cambridge a few times before on choir tours, but my most recent visit was in 2003 and the medievalist in me was desperate to get reacquainted with centuries-old architecture.

From retracing my steps on Google maps, I'm pretty sure the photos below are from Christ College, Sidney Sussex College, and Jesus College (in that order), bookended by pictures of some of the sweet houses I passed on my way into and out of the city center. Can you imagine living amongst all that history? Sometimes I get overwhelmed just with everything that DC holds - on Saturday, I was brought almost to tears as Jon and I passed DAR Constitution Hall and I told him about Marian Anderson - so I'm not sure I could manage Cambridge! Luckily, the real estate market being what it is, that isn't an option anyway, so I'll just have to settle for reliving this visit.