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One Room Challenge: Week Two

Welcome back to my One Room Challenge! I told you last week all about the unexpected and unglamorous repairs we have to do to the front of the house - or, rather, that we have to hire professionals to do for us. (That's two strikes against me in the world of reno/decor blogs, but such is real life.) We've made some progress since then, I'm pleased to say, though there isn't much to show for it yet!

First, we've had two roofers come out to take a look at our porch roof and give us quotes. The crazy thing is that I called more than a dozen roofing companies and was only able to engage two even just for a consultation. Many are so booked up because of all the rain we got that they're not even taking on new customers, and some won't do a job a small as a porch roof repair because they've got so many requests for house roof repairs/replacements. Happily, the two we are talking two have good reviews, but I was hoping for at least three estimates for the job.…

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