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Cape Clear, Ireland

When we were in Schull with my in-laws, Jon and I had a long talk on our date night about family vacations - and what they'd look like for our new family. My parents and sister and I would go to my grandparents' country house in Connecticut for a week over winter break and two weeks in August every year; Jon's immediate family always spent a few weeks during the summer at his late granny's cottage on the southwest coast of Ireland. Jon and I are incredibly lucky to be able to fly to the UK every year for Christmas but, as privileged as we are, we only have so much disposable income and vacation time we can spend on holidays and we know we'll have to make some difficult choices. While it's exciting to imagine the new traditions that we'll develop, it's disappointing to know that our son probably won't experience the ones that Jon and I grew up with.
I mentioned in my last post that our trip to Schull was an opportunity for me to catch a glimpse of w…

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